Bolttas Energy Europe: Leading the Way in Offshore Wind, Solar Energy all over the world

Welcome to Bolttas Energy Europe Ltd, a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions. We are committed to providing innovative and cost-effective renewable energy solutions that help our clients reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their sustainability goals.

Our Sustainable

We are committed to a sustainable energy future.

By making energy cleaner and its consumption more intelligent and by making sustainable energy available to all our customers.

Our climate is changing rapidly due to Greenhouse Gas Emissions. More than 70% of all Greenhouse Gas Emissions are energy related. Therefore, we consequently, more consistent than other energy companies, reinvented itself and systematically focuses on delivering the solutions for the decarbonization of the energy world. Improving people’s lives and creating a better tomorrow – we are driven to fight climate change through our core business. We are committed to act responsibly, transparently and with competence to constantly reinforce trust of our customers, our colleagues and society.

Our approach

The energy world is steadily becoming more distributed, digital, and decarbonised. And that means: more sustainable. Our core businesses energy networks and customer solutions are making it happen. Our grids are constantly getting smarter, which enables them to integrate more renewable energy while remaining reliable. Our innovative solutions help customers of all sizes – from families and small businesses to large manufacturers and entire cities – to use energy more efficiently, produce their own renewable energy, and thus reduce their carbon footprint.

Our commitment

We clearly commit ourselves to act sustainably in all respect. Our business is driven by sustainability. Acting sustainably means when making daily business decisions, we specifically consider the short- and long-term impacts on tangible and intangible resources and stakeholders. We consider the needs of the present generation and anticipate the needs of future generations.

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Our Vision

To promote clean energy by reducing emissions and to support efforts in reducing climate change

Our Mission

“Our mission is to drive the transition to a sustainable energy future by developing, constructing, and operating offshore wind farms that deliver clean, reliable, and cost-effective electricity to power communities around the world. We are committed to innovation, safety, and environmental stewardship in all our operations, and we strive to create long-term value for our stakeholders, including customers, employees, partners, and investors.”

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